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Face lifts and Rep fits

August 4th, 2015 by jdharris


As the summer comes to a close, so does a spate of new renovations on the choir room.  Essentially, the room got smaller so that the neighboring bathroom could get larger, but we did get a new storage area out of the deal, and will add a slightly new visual angle with risers focused toward the south facing windows (to be installed next summer).

I’ve also been hard at work landscaping the repertoire choices for the year.  Among highlights are some catches, madrigals, Brahms waltzes, staged opera and musical choruses, a new Stabat Mater by Jonathan David, some Schutz Passion, Christmas favorites, Bach’s “Magnificat”, Poulenc’s “Gloria”, several tunes from the world of pop culture (a little Cold Play, some Tennessee Ernie Ford, and maybe some Beatles for good measure), a dose of Stephen Foster and William Billings, a touch of Benjamin Britten, and a chance at several other collaborations that are forming in the heat-filled last days of summer.

The thing I love most about planning for this group is their flexibility, their keen insights, broad interests, and the sheer joy of making music with them.  Each concert is themed, of course, and the ones this year will have a more pronounced dramatic arc, giving the singers a little more to delve into, and the audience a little more to hang on to.

New rooms and new chances to explore life and learning through one of life’s greatest endeavors.  What more could an HC singer ask for?

For those of you with calendars out, the dates are:

Oct 23 8:00pm “Pa$$ion” St. Joseph Memorial Chapel

Nov 19 8:00pm “Love and The Fire” Brooks Hall (Chamber Singers)

Dec 10 8:00pm “Lessons and Carols”  St. Joseph Memorial Chapel

March 19 7:00pm  “Reflections” (part of the Major Works Series) St. Joseph Memorial Chapel

April 22 8:00pm “Lights Will Guide You Home” Brooks Hall


~David Harris, Choir Director

Watch Us, anytime

May 24th, 2015 by jdharris

One of my favorite parts about being the choir director is getting to go back and see the amazing work that the choir has done all year.  It’s pretty inspiring to hear their voices changing, and watch the passion and artistry that went into each concert.  Thanks to Tim Rice ’16, the EBoard’s Media Chair, you can enjoy our year too, whenever you like, by visiting our YouTube channel.  There are many highlights from the year up now, and more to join over the summer.

Like this one, the Chamber Singers performing the premiere of Colby Baker’s ’15 “Soneto IX“.


~David Harris, choir director