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Choir Week: the Sequel

August 24th, 2015 by jdharris

Hello friends,

Allow me to introduce myself: Phillip, PJ if you must, Chamber Singer (tenor, natch), sophomore, awesome. I have some rather thrilling news I’d like to share with you. In the hopes of being as eloquent as possible, I thought you should know:



Starting tomorrow (“9 am sharp!”), Choir Week will officially begin. It’s the second (and counting) since director David Harris’ reign as choral maestro extraordinaire.

For those of y’all who are in the dark about Choir Week, it’s when your favorite collegiate choral ensemble gathers a week before classes to get to know each other, learn some nifty vocal techniques, and start learning our repertoire for the semester. The basic day-by-day formula goes as such: Warm up-sing-eat-play-sing-sing-sleep. Of course, it wouldn’t be Holy Cross Choirs without a few surprises, so you can count on Dr. Harris to shake things up on the reg.

Choir Week 2k14 was great for me, especially as an incoming freshman. David allotted plenty of time for both work and play, so by the end of it, I’d learned a whole lot about my voice and made more than a few friends to boot. This year, I’m excited to welcome the handful of new members, and explore some new music. I’ll also be leading sectional rehearsals for the first time ever. Pray for us.

Section leaders will undergo a crash course on leadership tomorrow, and the rest of Chamber Singers will join us on Tuesday. So, wish us luck, happiness, and healthy vocal chords.

The Choir’s fall semester is on its way!


~Phil Losquadro ’18