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Celebrating Two Milestones

May 14th, 2015 by jdharris

As the 2014-2015 year winds to a close, we have a lot to celebrate. Among the many exciting developments, we have the new Catherine Award for Service and Leadership inductees, Julia Dunn and Abe Ross, both of whom have been selfless in their commitment and leadership throughout the year. Julia’s keen insights as Board Chair, her sensitivity to group dynamics, and deft organizational skills, and Abe’s prodigious musical talents as Assistant Conductor helped the group solidify and grow in unpredictable ways.


The EBoard, after two years of soul searching and organizational thought, have completed and ratified a constitution that outlines the governance of the choir. Thanks to EBoard members Julia Dunn, Adam Ouellet, Diana Hurtado, Tim Rice, Rose Fusco, Sloane Burns, Nicole Costa, Hannah Gabriel, and Ally Rancourt for their service, and to last year’s EBoard for getting us started.


Congratulations to everyone!


~David Harris, Choir Director