Mass and Travel to Córdoba

Yesterday morning, May 31st, we had the opportunity to sing at mass at a local Jesuit church in Buenos Aires. The church was beautiful. It was filled with many beautiful statues and paintings. It looked like the ceiling was going through some construction because there was a sheer cloth covering it up. However this did not take away from the beauty of the church. It was fascinating to see churches in Argentina. They are so different from churches in the U.S. They are full of rich detail and color with gold embellishments. The architecture is amazing. It was also interesting experiencing a mass in Spanish. The choir has many different levels of Spanish skills ranging from native speaker to no Spanish at all. For me, I was pleasantly surprised at how much I understood. It was very interesting to go through a mass service, something that I have done every week of my entire life, and at some points be completely lost and at other times completely able to follow what was going on. It was a great learning experience.

The church was the oldest Jesuit church in Buenos Aires. During the homily the priest thanked us for our presence at the mass. He told the congregation that although we come from different places we are all connected by the same faith, the same Jesuit bond, the same vocation and the same original sin. Even after we leave Buenos Aires and Argentina, we will still share the connection with the people of the congregation because of this shared experience. We will always have ties to the church in Buenos Aires because of our shared vocation.

Following mass we enjoyed a few moments of American bliss in Starbucks where we indulged in iced coffees, bagles and other American favorites that we have been missing over the past few days. The baristas asked us where we were from and what brought us to Buenos Aires. When we told them we were a choir they asked if we would sing for them. Once everyone had received their orders, we sang Waitin on the World by John Mayer. The baristas loved it and even gave us a thank you note on our way out. Following Starbucks we embarked on our 10 hour journey to Córdoba by bus. We arrived around 11 pm and ate dinner at a local restaurant and all promptly went to bed. We were so tired from our long ride. We can’t wait to explore Córdoba Monday and Tuesday!

-Rose Fusco ’17

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