Exploration and Tango

Yesterday, May 30th, was our long-anticipated free day to explore Buenos Aires. To some a free day to decide what to do in a new city might seem overwhelming, but we had the opportunity to meet up with HC study abroad students who showed us their favorite places. Their four months of Buenos Aires experience certainly came in handy for us newcomers of five days! We had a delicious lunch of Argentinian cuisine at Cholita (introduced to us by Monic    a of study abroad fame) in Ricoletta, one of the neighborhoods in Buenos Aires. We had empanadas and steak among other traditional dishes. Afterwards, Michaela (also of study abroad fame) took us to Havana, a coffee shop. This was prime because we got to try Argentinian coffee and see more of the city.

Following our coffee, Michaela and Monica took us a street fair in a park in Ricoletta. The fair was stunning. The park was bursting with booths full of hand-made jewelry, clothing, paintings and other trinkets. There were many musicians playing in different locations in the park. The atmosphere was great and we had so much fun.

Following our day of exploration, we all met up for one of the best cultural events of the trip so far. We had the opportunity to take a tango class at La Ventana – un barrio de Tango. At La Ventana we took an hour-long class where we learned the basic steps of the tango. We partnered up and got to practice our newfound skills.

The best part, though, was the tango show that followed dinner. We were treated to two hours of tango and Argentinian music. The dancers and musicians were amazing. I did not know how beautiful tango could be until we saw the incredible dancers. The show was very patriotic, especially when they sang Don’t Cry for Me, Argentina (No llores por mi, en español) – the dancers came through the audience waving Argentinian flags. Everyone was blown away by the show. To end the night, we were all presented with certificates to commemorate the beginning steps of our tango careers. It was a great day!

Rose Fusco ’17

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