Blessings and Backseat Blogging

Well, here we are! After an entire year of preparation, fundraising, and rehearsals, we are on our way to Argentina! I can’t believe this day has already arrived. When David told us last year that we would travel to Buenos Aires, I didn’t know what to expect; not only have I never traveled to South America, but I can’t even speak Spanish (luckily, we have several Spanish speakers in the tour choir!) But as I sit here on the bus on the way to JFK for our flight this afternoon, I can’t help but feel an enormous sense of pride and confidence in what we have accomplished this year in preparation for this trip. This afternoon, Holy Cross Chaplain Norm Gouin blessed the choir with a prayer before we left the Hogan Campus Center. Norm’s blessing was a great way to stop and think about all those who have supported the choir this past year and made this tour possible. And now we just have to wait for our 12 HOUR flight…Argentina, here we come!

Adam Ouellet ’16



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